Ducks Out Of Water

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Common Industry Practice

Shocking footage of duck farming in Australia has emerged showing day-old ducklings being dropped into an industrial shredder, adult ducks being kicked and thrown around a barn by workers, and ducks which should have been stunned before slaughter hanging by their feet on a conveyor belt while they bleed to death after having their throats slit.


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Around 9 million ducks are farmed and slaughtered in Australia every year. The industry is worth more than $100 million annually.


Animal Liberation NSW spokesperson Alex Vince said the footage, while obviously shocking, was standard for duck farming.


“It’s the same as the egg industry – the grinding up of the unprofitable. If ducklings are born deformed they’re killed by being ground up alive,” Mr Vince said.


“We’ve been running an ongoing campaigns for ducks, but there’s been no improvement in the way their flesh is produced for decades. The government recently staged a poultry welfare review, but nothing has improved for ducks.”


That review – due to report later this month – looks at the complete farming process, but in particular weighs into the issue of Australian farmed ducks having no access to open water.


Mr Vince says it’s one of the cruelest aspects of the practice in Australia.


“Ducks are aquatic animals, with naturally weak leg and thigh joints, yet they’re farmed without access to water for swimming, bathing or even dipping their heads.


“Many struggle to remain upright on land for so long. This often leads to lameness, dislocated joints and broken bones.”


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