ANIMAL (Release) Magazine

Previously called Release, ANIMAL is a bi-annual magazine that is jam-packed with interesting articles, reviews, recipes, and more.

Below are a few examples of past issues.  You can purchase a copy of the latest edition or, to begin receiving your subscription, you simply need to become a MEMBER of Animal Liberation.

Issue:  Winter 2018

The latest magazine from Animal Liberation, ANIMAL is fresh off the press and full of interesting articles such as:

  • the success of Dominion,
  • Puppy Farms, and what they mean,
  • Delicious Recipes


Issue:  Summer 2017

Read all about:

  • Why it is good to be a vegan
  • The rights of research animals
  • Delicious Recipes


Issue:  Winter 2017

Read all about:

  • A look into the world of often misunderstood rats
  • Exposing the Dairy and Slaughterhouse Industry
  • Duck Season through the eyes of a Rescuer


Issue:  Summer 2016

Read all about:

  • We join the round-table on wild cats
  • Willowite Animal Sanctuary
  • Exposing the Rabbit Meat Industry
  • Delicious Recipes nobody has to die for