Animal Liberation’s primary work is conducting research and providing information about animal suffering in Australia. With the facts, the public can make decisions about leading an ethical life, taking direct action and helping to abolish human use and abuse of non-human animals.

We are always interested in hearing from youif you witness cruelty or want to get involved with any of our campaigns.

Choose from the following campaigns to find out more about animal suffering and the work we do:



Ag-gag Legislation

Liberal Senator Chris Back is currently attempting to pass a federal ag-gag bill.


Animals as Companions

The old term ‘pet’ conjures up a relationship based on property ownership.


Animals for Entertainment

There is a long history of humans using non-human animals for entertainment.


Animals for Fashion

Humans use animal skin and fibre for a range of products including clothes, shoes, accessories and household furnishings.


Animals for Food

Animals are purpose-bred, raised and slaughtered in horrific conditions to satisfy humans’ ever-growing lust for animal products.


Animals for Science

From conducting cruel experiments to manipulating animals’ genetic makeup, scientists treat animals as mere resources to be expended for human benefit.


Culling and Pest Control


Animal Rights Theories

Animal Liberation is an animal rights group. Rights and welfare are two competing philosophies.