About Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation is an animal rights charity founded in 1976 by Christine Townend, based on the philosophies set out by Professor Peter Singer in his best-selling book, Animal Liberation.

Our goal

We believe all animals have the right to live free from human intervention. As societies throughout time have had to fight for the rights of slaves, women and other minority groups to challenge dominant social views, the animal rights movement is now the greatest social change movement around the world.

Animal Liberation intends to fight for all non-human animals until they are able to live lives of their choosing, free from intervention, use and abuse by humans.

Our work

  • We pursue our goal through education campaigns, public events and using the media to get our message across. Our mission statement is: to work toward the end of suffering of exploited and confined animals, through legislation, consumer advocacy, action and humane education
  • The development of campaign strategies designed to influence changes in law and consumer behaviour
  • a humane education officer, who speaks to students about the ethics of how we use animals as a society
  • research, investigation and evidence gathering into areas such as the use of non-human animals for food, entertainment, science and fashion
  • a comprehensive website and Facebook page containing information on all our campaigns, tips on how individuals can live a cruelty-free life, and ways to get involved in the animal rights movement
  • advertising campaigns designed to inform consumers about the treatment of animals and challenge existing behaviours and beliefs
  • appearances at music and cultural festivals to provide information to interested parties
  • holding monthly public meetings around NSW to discuss current campaigns and allow activists to become more involved.
  • Lobbying politicians
  • 1800 Cruelty Hotline for people in Victorian and NSW country and rural areas to report neglect and cruelty to animals – over a period of 7 years this service has assisted hundreds of thousands of animals
  • An annual Cruelty Free Festival which is an umbrella under which all vegan business come together to raise awareness, this event generates audiences of approximately 5,000

Join us

Animal Liberation receives no government funding, and we rely on memberships, donations and bequests to fund our important work.

We also need as many committed, enthusiastic people to join our campaigns as possible, to help spread the word and demonstrate that the current way of treating animals is not acceptable.

You can get involved with Animal Liberation by:

  • becoming a member and helping fund the fight against animal cruelty everywhere
  • making a donation or leaving a bequest
  • purchasing from our shop – items include books, merchandise and DVDs
  • coming along to a public meeting
  • joining our mailing list to receive updates on Animal Liberation campaigns and events.
  • working as a volunteer