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Animal Liberation NSW calls for ban on retail giant Westfield to ban school holiday petting zoos

ANIMAL Liberation NSW has launched a campaign to close “horrific and cruel” petting zoos for children at shopping centres.

It is pressuring retail giant Westfield to abandon the popular school holiday attractions because of the distress caused to animals by children handling them in an alien environment.

Hazel Stephens, a director of Animal Liberation NSW, said 4500 people had signed a petition calling on Westfield Parramatta to stop the zoos.

MEDIA RELEASE: Animal Circus Protest Continues After Unlawful Arrest Case Settles


Getting arrested isn’t enough to stop this determined animal activist from continuing the campaign against performing animals in circuses. Animal Liberation’s Humane Education Officer and circus campaign co-ordinator Phillip Hall settled a claim last month against the State of NSW arising out of the conduct of a Miranda Police Officer whose attempt to move along a peaceful protest in September 2012 resulted in the unlawful arrest of Mr. Hall and a colleague.

Duck farm approved for Howes Valley

Singleton Council has approved a controversial intensive duck farm for Howes Valley.

On Monday night councillors heard eight submissions including three in support before voting to approve the development application, subject to 47 consent conditions.

A dozen sheds are part of the plans for the Putty Road site to house 22,000 ducks.

Howes Valley resident Jodie Green spoke in support of the duck farm and says she is pleased councillors approved the DA.

"Very, very happy," she said.

"It's a good decision made by council for the duck farm.

"It's good for the valley, it's good for everyone I'd say."

Ms Green says not all locals oppose the development.

"No, not everyone's opposed, it was seen that everyone was opposed," she said.

"The people who were for it have kept quiet for a very long time thinking it would get by on its own merits.

But we had to speak up and say they weren't opposing it, we were all for it in the end.

So, job opportunities and the rest for the valley, so its good."

But Emma Hurst from Animal Liberation, who also addressed council, says she is disappointed with the way the matter was handled.

"It's very unfortunate that council didn't really consider and put much effort into considering the fact that the current development application is actually prohibited under the current LEP," she said.

"That wasn't put into consideration even though they were legally required to put consideration into that."

Animal Liberation will now discuss with Howes Valley residents whether to appeal against the approval in the Land and Environment Court.

Ms Hurst says local residents will now be asked to consider their options.

"There is certainly grounds for appeal, I've already had legal advice on the matter prior to actually coming here," she said.

"So certainly, the fact that it wasn't considered that it is prohibited under the current LEP does give grounds to the fact that it could be appealed.

"And, that's something we will be discussing with the 35 locals that are very much against the submission."


Circus monkey escapee prompts debate about exotic animals under the Big Top

It is a scene from a byegone era. A big top tent, lions walking along planks, a performing monkey (rhesus macaque) riding on a miniature horse and camels doing a turn. But this picture is from Sydney today, as Lennon Brothers circus animals perform. Animal Liberation NSW planned a peaceful protest at the circus on Saturday.The organisation's Facebook page states: "Although many councils have banned the use of animals for performance on public land, The Hills Shire Council has not which is why we would love to support a statewide ban on all performing animals in circuses."

Why we are killing so many of our beloved 'pets'

Every year in Australia, hundreds of thousands of companion animals are bought from Pet Shops, Puppy Farms and Backyard Breeders, whilst we continue to have extremely high kill rates in pounds and shelters. This episode of Insight on SBS, featuring Animal Liberations' Jacqueline Dalziell, opens the debate to animal rights activists, as well as Pet Industry representatives, to explore why we are killing so many of our beloved 'pets'.