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Why we are killing so many of our beloved 'pets'

Every year in Australia, hundreds of thousands of companion animals are bought from Pet Shops, Puppy Farms and Backyard Breeders, whilst we continue to have extremely high kill rates in pounds and shelters. This episode of Insight on SBS, featuring Animal Liberations' Jacqueline Dalziell, opens the debate to animal rights activists, as well as Pet Industry representatives, to explore why we are killing so many of our beloved 'pets'.

Pig Farming Exposé

Animal Liberation NSW and Animal Liberation ACT have jointly launched a campaign "Australian Pig Farming: The Inside Story", following an investigation into Wally's Piggery, located 20 minutes from Canberra.

Pig Dogging exposé

7.30 Report - National Exposé on Pig Dogging

Last night’s 7.30 Report exposed the brutality and mercilessness of the “sport” of pig dogging.

Evidence of the brutality of this “sport” was gathered by Animal Liberation.

7.30 Report - Rotten Eggs

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Duck Exposé on ABC 7.30

ducks_LAD_4ABC 7.30 highlights Animal Liberation's exposé of intensive duck farming and the issues of water deprivation.